Sunday, April 11, 2010

Engaged couple - Please be in my upcoming show on Extreme Weddings!

After getting tired of writing people myself, I submitted the following "request for stories" for my upcoming periodical, Extreme Wedding Magazine:

I received the following reply; she played along nicely, so I have kindly omitted (most) of her name:

On top of a Mayan Temple! She also explains on her site her intention to be married by a Mayan Shaman in an old Cenote while releasing butterflies at the conclusion of the ceremony. This is roughly the plot of Choose Your Own Adventure #5, Mystery of the Maya

She acceded to the proposal, minus the animal sacrifice and ravenous ants, which prompted further elaboration: 

I guess she thinks this is a quicker way to fame than faking putting your son in a weather balloon...

At a loss for what do next, I aborted:

It was a tasty sandwich. 

She never wrote back, but after some exploring of the internet, I found this lovely picture of Carlos or whatever his name is:

I'm sure it was quite the event

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