Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shaw's Supermarket - Please play more Pagan music at your stores

This last December, I became quite fed up with the excessive playing of Christmas music in stores. Ignoring the fact that this barrage of carols began the day after Halloween, completely bypassing the opportunity to play classic Thanksgiving tunes like "The Year 1620" and "Death to the Injuns", I decided to lodge a complaint:

Shortly thereafter, I received an e-reply:

I'm glad they have decided to take my complaint seriously. Who wouldn't? A few days later, the manager himself (herself? itself?) replied as well:

Decant is a good new name, although I was a little disappointed to hear that they have no control over their music. All I know is the one time I went in there at 3am, someone was playing Katy Perry full volume...

I received no further reply, either from corporate or the management team about a copy of the Shaw's Christmas soundtrack. I'll check back in next January and see if they've made any progress in putting together a playlist. 

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