Friday, September 3, 2010

Videojug - Please let me become a writer for your site!

A few weeks ago I received the following email

This is very exciting. I am finally getting the notoriety I deserve. Maybe now I can be a Successful Blogger, although it is a little unclear what my "expertise" is.... Amphibious Vehicles perhaps? 

Apparently she likes my ideas, or isn't actually reading them. Either is a viable option. 

If she insists...

Offering to personally read all my emails is a dangerous proposition; perhaps there will be more to come of that later. Until then, visit my How To guide on operating underwater vehicles.

UPDATE 9/5/2010:

I have received an award for my diligent service:
It looks like this: 
It's official. I'm an author. Glamour and Skiing Magazine and Videojug seem to think so at least. 


  1. I too have received this email, wasn't sure if it was genuine (I.E. THEY GENUINELY LIKED MY STUFF) or whther it was the equivilant of spam and they just send it to anyone.

    What's your experience been since?

  2. I second this. Is this a scam? Thunderbird seemed to think so when I clicked on the message. . . and the name the message came from was two letters off from a friend of mine. . . so I am unsure.