Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crayola - Please replace my lost Crayon!

More excitement:
As an aside, I actually know the person who came up with the title of the color, "Robin's Egg Blue." I think he won a lifetime supply of Crayons as a result. Luckily Crayola replied:

That's great that they sent me these coupons (see below), but I'm a little hurt they don't want any of my artwork...

I used my coupon to buy new Crayons, and drew up a couple of drafts of my Masterpiece, "15 Cats attacking A Cantankerous Robin’s Nest." Despite their protestations, I submitted a copy to Crayola, but I have yet to hear back from them regarding my artistic prowess. 

First attempt:
Note the bold use of strokes and blending of colors on the tree. The forward-looking cat is a commentary on the voyeuristic nature of our degenerate society. 

Second attempt: 
In this piece, we see a more fully formed development of the theme. The bird's defiant stance contrasted against the sunset is a foil for Fascist Germany. 

Third attempt:
Ok, I didn't draw this, but it is actually drawn with Crayons, and is titled "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing." It looks more like "The Man Who was about to be Scalped," but maybe that's why I'm not a professional artist. For more of the talented Don "The Master Crayon Artist" Marco's work, visit his website!


  1. OMG don't scalp Burt Reynolds!

  2. 11 invisible cats!

  3. A few years back, I e-mailed crayola and told them I didn't get a light blue colored pencil in my box. They actually sent me a light blue colored pencil in the mail.. I was shocked. :) Haha. Your blog is really funny and interesting! I love it. Keep it up. ;)