Monday, May 31, 2010

ChooseCo - Please send me a signed Choose Your Own Adventure

A letter to R.A. Montgomery, writer for the Choose Your Own Adventure book series:

Several days later, I received a padded envelope with the following; only this and nothing more

Turning to the opening pages, I noticed I had received my autograph:

This is very exciting. Not only did I receive an autograph, but in reading the book, realized it was an updated version of a series of CYOAs I had already read. The stories take place in the dystopian world of Turtalia and Dorado (formerly THE UNITED STATES; why rebel leader would rename the country Turtalia is beyond my judgment). I now owned a copy of the updated 2005 version of the first book ("Escape") and an original 1986 version of the second ("Beyond Escape"):

(please excuse the shotty photography)

Both books are centered around three characters: Matt, Mimla, and the despicable Haven.

From left to right: Mimla, Matt, Haven from 2005

Mimla and Matt treat Haven to some bondage

Apparently they updated the images to reflect modern senses of awesomeness, as these guys looked pretty different 20 years ago:

Mimla and Matt touch you inappropriately while you are sleeping

Haven is a teleporting child molester

In Escape, you drive a 2005 Chevy Blazer:

...while in Beyond Escape, you hitch a ride with some Hell's Angels:

I can't wait to see how the illustrations of my forthcoming Viking CYOA will compare with the 1980s original. 

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