Sunday, May 9, 2010

Glamour Magazine - Please publish my apology for ruining someone's wedding! (Updated 8/2/2010)

***** NOTE *****
Due to a request from Glamour, certain aspects of this post had to be edited. If you saw an earlier version of this post, you should probably go back in time and not look at it. Sandwiches are a good way to distract your past self. In fact, you should probably just go make one right now and not bother (re)reading this in the first place. 

I received this prompt by email from Helpareporter (the same organization that connected me with the Mayan Wedding people.) Note that this is punctuated "Help a Reporter," not "Help! A Reporter!":

This sounds like a great chance for Calveen to make her authorial debut:

Slightly less ambitious than Fred's Skiing Magazine endeavor, but in the same vein.

Several months later, I received the following:

(note that the link connects to the G3 Reverend Skis)

"Hey lady" is such a splendid greeting. My stories are starting to get tangled...

I scrambled to find a blaze orange dress I could photoshop, but to no avail. Later, I had to contend with a phone call from "research" confirming the details of the story, but HP provided excellent voice-acting for Calveen (thanks!). Good thing the fact checkers have never heard of Google. I wonder if they would have cared had they known it was fabricated... doubtful. the story is 100% factual and there was no fabrication in any way. 

And thus, ON SHELVES NOW, page 140:

Be sure to support Glamour by buying a copy today! Too bad they couldn't send me free skis as well. Or at least a bikini... 

UPDATE 8/2/2010:

Some of you may recall seeing a picture of the Glamour Author here in past edits. You were mistaken. There was never such a picture. 


  1. Wow, just, wow. Taking that ski story to new heights.

  2. These edits have really improved upon the original. Good show, Fred!