Sunday, January 31, 2010

1000 Visitors! (UPDATE: Now with Australians AND Antarcticans!)

Dear Readers,

Thank you kindly for your patronage! Due to your diligent forwarding, over 1000 people have ingested the contumelious content of this site! I am especially thankful to my international readers (Hi Germany!) and my subcutaneous readers (Hi Blood Parasites!). Readers have visited from 5 different continents already, but we are still missing Australia and Antarctica. If you know of any friends/scientists/hunters in those regions, please forward this on so we can have Full Representation!

Furthermore, take a minute to Friend me on Facebook (there's also a button on the right --->), and join the fan page. This will make sure you are Up To Date, and more importantly, capable of sharing with your friends at the South Pole. If you prefer "tweets" and "twittering," you can also "follow" me at fdecatt

As an added incentive, if you entice a visitor from Australia or Antarctica, I will gladly send you a personal thank you letter and Certificate of Accomplishment. So start sharing!

********* UPDATE *********

One day after posting this, I already received an Australian Viewer! What Joy! If anyone would like to claim responsibility for this bounty and receive your reward, either comment here or send me a message on Facebook! Thank you again for your diligence - let's get Antarctica now.


We have an Antarctican! What a glorious Day!


Of course, fame has its price. I recently sent the following letter:
And received this reply by email - despite the fact I had not even provided my email address:
from: XXX
to: Fred Decatt
date: Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 3:42 PM
subject: Special reservation request


You are a talented and creative writer. I hope you get plenty of responses for your blog.

Worth the extra effort for responses if I get subarctic viewers.


  1. How will you know who refers the person from Australia?

  2. This is a good point. I will know when the site was accessed by one of the delinquent continents, at which point I will solicit from you all whom was responsible for this bounty - and that person will be rewarded. We will have to rely on the honor system!

  3. You've fallen victim to The Google!

  4. i actually knew two people who were in antarctica but they left a month ago!