Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Dentist - Please help me overcome my amnesia!

Several months after unwillingly and unknowingly consenting to having four cavities stuffed full of mercury, I received this unceremonious letter from my rapacious dentist (I have withheld his name, as he actually did a nice job with my shiny, toxic new molars):

I replied:

They clarified:

That very same day, they left the following message on my parents' (!!) answering machine (a questionable use of the "emergency contact" information; aside from my amnesia, I believe I appear quite stable):

"Hello, I am calling regarding your son. He claims to have suffered a bout of amnesia, and is having some trouble recalling the services we performed for him at his recent office visit. We were hoping you could explain to him that he recently had four cavities filled, and he needs to remit payment in the amount of $178.25. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions."

My parents phoned me frantically. I paid the dentist in full the next day. Touche.


  1. YES! this reminds me of a story i heard recently: a girl tried to use her boyfriends ski pass, and got caught. she claimed to be in the middle of having a sex change, and thats why her pass photo was of a guy. they then called the bpyfriends parents to confirm that their son was having a sex change.

  2. i just snarfed half a glass of water. nice work, fred.