Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Craigslist Users - Please accompany me on a Cougar Hunting expedition

I was recently informed that there is a large Cougar problem in Cambridge. I have thusly resolved to offer my services to help:

I received a number of curious responses to this post. Note that they are all "safe for work" but get a little... weird.....

Apparently ladies really enjoy hunting:

Her "Iphone sending crazy staff" indeed.

Venice never replied, but her friend did:

I began noticing that every time I would reply, I would receive a new email grouped in the same string - this is either a gmail conspiracy, or some cabalistic cougar-hunting ring that spams responses. It is a known fact that cougars love spam. 

Responses starting getting progressively more ESL...

...prompting me to become more direct in my assertions, such as this riposte: 

Until I finally read this rather upsetting reply, and decided to halt my venture:

She's not even a cougar! What audacity!

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  1. ohhhhhh myyy goodness that is an incredible last reply