Monday, February 8, 2010

Goodyear - Please let me ride in your illustrious blimp!

Persistence sometimes pays off, in theory:

The following was then posted into an online "blimp inquiry form" (!) on their website:

They finally wrote back with a series of curious emails: Read On to see the screen shots (cut and paste gets tiresome)

THEY SENT ME A MINI INFLATABLE BLIMP?? Juanito would have been thrilled, but it never arrived!

Surely they could spare another one...

But they did have photos on February 11th; now I'm getting frustrated

I do admire the honesty. And at least they didn't try to arrest me like certain other tire companies... stay tuned for that letter in the imminent future. 


  1. Wow... wow. Way to go Goodyear.

  2. wow that's pretty annoying. you think they would have better customer service reps. I wonder who/how much you have to pay to get a ride on the blimp...